Google Play Review on WinView Games

“Fast payouts and good fun with no entry fee? Love it.”

– OnePlus3

Google Play Review on WinView Games

“Earn cash and kill time through commercials.”

– me0

Google Play Review on WinView Games

“Every sports fan should download this game. Who don’t like making free money?”

– lv517


While watching a game – NFL or NBA – now, you can play along live on your phone or any mobile device and predict the plays, as they’re about to happen, and win cash if you’re right!

WinView Games isn’t daily fantasy. It’s a legit, in-game sports prediction app when NFL, NBA or MMA is on TV. Viewers enter contests, every quarter, predicting the outcome of the plays on TV, just before they actually happen, to win cash prizes.

Best of all, WinView provides more action and fun than DFS or just betting on the outcome of a game – so, download WinView Games today.


Mastering it? That’s up to you. The better your sports IQ, the more you will pick up on the nuances.

For now? Make sure you open the app for new predictions during any natural breaks in the game — touchdowns, timeouts, new drives, foul shots, etc.

Here are some YES/NO props to expect:

• Will the QB throw for 30 or more yards on a single play in the 1st quarter?
• Will the next made basket be a 3-pointer?
• Will the first two pitches of the inning be fastballs?
• Will the MMA fight go the distance?

So put your obsession with sports to better use, cash in on your sports IQ, and make the games more interesting to watch — even if your favorite team isn’t playing or if the game is a blowout.

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“Can an app save ESPN’s declining viewership?”


“A new way for sports fans to engage with games in real time.”

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“WinView bets on second-screen sports.”