Predictions Are Simply A Part Of Sports

Ever since the dawn of sports, athletes, coaches, and fans have been making predictions as to what they believe will happen on the field of play. Whether it is a player making a bold prediction heading into the biggest game of his life, or just your uncle predicting the Lions are going to win the Super Bowl on your couch after a preseason win over the Packers, predictions are simply a part of sports.

Over the years, a number of athletes and coaches have made bold predictions, which have failed miserably, but every once in awhile, someone makes a gutsy prediction that comes true and is forever remembered. Since predictions are a huge part of what we do at WinView Games, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the five best predictions in the history of sports to give you some inspiration the next time you decide to make your own sports prediction.

  1. The Messier GuaranteeThe New York Rangers were facing elimination in the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals, down 3-2 against the New Jersey Devils when Mark Messier boldly guaranteed The New York Post that the Rangers would win game six. What makes Messier’s prediction so memorable isn’t just that the Rangers won, it’s that Messier put together an epic performance with a hat trick where he scored the game-tying goal, game-winning goal, and an insurance goal. Messier and the Rangers would keep the momentum going by winning the series in seven games and then winning the Stanley Cup.
  1. Fo’ Fo’ Fo’ Moses Malone answered with those three words when reporters asked for his prediction going into the 1983 NBA Playoffs. What Malone meant by “fo’ fo’ fo’” was that his Philadelphia 76ers would sweep each round of the Playoffs on their way to an NBA championship. Malone and the 76ers ended up nearly perfectly delivering on his prediction as they lost just one game on their way to the championship Malone predicted.
  1. Muhammad Ali Picks Knockout Rounds – The late-great Ali’s prediction impressively wasn’t a singular declaration, but a running prediction of which round he would knock his opponent out. Ali famously declared “Not only do I knock ’em out, I pick the round.” Ali correctly predicted the knockout rounds in bouts against Henry Cooper and Archie Moore and was one round off in his prediction in a technical knockout in a legendary fight against Sonny Liston.
  1. Namath Guaranteed ItJoe Namath’s guarantee that his New York Jets would beat the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III was one of the first NFL stories to truly captivate the national media back in 1969. The shaggy-haired Namath already drew controversy from the press for his brash looks, style, and off-the-field persona, so his fearless prediction set off a media firestorm. Despite many believing Namath was crazy for predicting a win against an 18-point favorite, Namath and the Jets delivered a 16-7 win and he took home MVP honors.
  1. The Called Shot This one gets extra points for being an on the spot prediction. One of the most-legendary plays in the history of all sports, Babe Ruth stepped to the plate in the 3rd game of the 1932 World Series, pointed to the center-field bleachers of Wrigley Field during the at-bat, and then hit a home run to center field on the next pitch.

While exactly what happened that day in Chicago has been a source of debate for decades now, one thing is for sure, Ruth’s called shot is the most-mimicked, discussed, and well-remembered prediction in the history of sports.

Making predictions in sports is not going to go away anytime soon. If anything, with the amount of increased media coverage, and the quick and impulsive voice of social media, the amount of predictions are likely to increase. Case in point, Buffalo Bills coach and perpetual soundbyte Rex Ryan has already playfully predicted that the Bills will go to Super Bowl LI, and it is highly unlikely Ryan’s ambitious prediction will be the last one made in 2016 which draws headlines.

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