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Sunday Night Football Week 14: Cowboys vs. Giants Score Prediction

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Cowboys vs. Giants face off again this Sunday. A revenge game for Dallas for their Week 1 loss against NYG. While the Cowboys have continued to improve throughout the season, the same cannot be said about the Giants. The Giants continue to struggle to get their offense together and until that happens, it will be a struggle to beat the Cowboys. Due to the Giants drop in rank over the last few weeks, we’re backing the Cowboys this game.

Cowboys vs. Giants Score Prediction: Cowboys 30, Giants 20

Can the Giants pull out a W over the Cowboys and keep any hope alive of winning the NFC East?

If there’s any team that can beat the Cowboys, it’s the Giants. We can say that because they already have, in NFL Week 1, and it is the one loss in the Cowboys 11-1 record.

However, we think that the majority would agree that the Cowboys have gotten better since then. Yet we we can’t say the same thing about the Giants. In fact, a case could be made that NYG has gotten even worse. The Giants offense is a mess, and until they sort that out, we don’t see a strong probability of them pulling out a win over Dallas.

Dallas is coming off of their 11th consecutive win after defeating Minnesota last week, and the Cowboys’ sixth victory against a team with a .500 record or better.

With a low scoring performance last week, the Giants dropped to 26th in total offense. Dallas ranks fourth in offense after facing the NFL’s No.3 defense, and it probably won’t take a big offensive performance to win in New York this weekend. We predict the Cowboys win by 10 points.

Tune in at 8:30 PM ET on Sunday night to watch the game.

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