Every Room Pays Out Double Tickets!

Double Tickets?!

  • On Double Tix Sundays, every room pays out DOUBLE TICKETS!
  • The Top 9 scorers in each room earn tickets (compared to Top 6 normally)
  • It’s the easiest way to gain access to higher paying rooms FASTER!
Double the Winnings...

  • Join any room on Sunday for a chance to win Double Tickets
  • Bronze Room Tickets Pool: 300 across top 9 finishers
  • Silver Room Tickets Pool: 700 across top 9 finishers
  • Gold Room Tickets Pool: 1,500 across top 9 finishers
Double the Advantage!

  • Check your ranking among other players on the Leaderboard & your Active Friends Leaderboard
  • Top 3 players earn WinCoins, which can be redeemed for real cash
  • Top 9 players earn Double Tickets
  • Use Tickets to gain entry into higher payout rooms