How To Play In 60 Seconds

Step 1: Choose A Game


  • Choose an NFL or NCAA football game
  • The goal:  Win as many points as possible by correctly predicting the plays
  • Top finishers earn WinCoins, which can be redeemed for real cash payouts — entirely free and legal
Step 2: Join A Room


  • New players start out in the Bronze Room
  • By earning Tickets, you can advance to higher payout Silver or Gold Rooms
Step 3: Predict Plays Live


  • Every player starts each quarter with 5,000 points
  • Answer “YES” or “NO” prediction scenarios that are weighted with a point multiplier, like 1.5x or 3x
  • Use points on each prediction (from 250 to 750 points)
  • The 1,000 Point One Shot can only be used once per quarter, so choose wisely
  • Expect about 20 predictions per quarter-long contest
Step 4: Dominate Leaderboard


  • Check your ranking among other players on the Leaderboard
  • Top 3 players are awarded WinCoins, which can be redeemed for real cash
  • Top 6 players earn Tickets, which are used to access higher payout Silver & Gold Rooms


More Details On How To Play

About Higher Payout Rooms


  • Bronze Room prize pool is 1,000 WinCoins per quarter or $1
  • Silver Room prize pool is 3,000 WinCoins per quarter or $3
  • Gold Room prize pool is 7,000 WinCoins per quarter or $7
  • Top 3 placements in each Room earn WinCoins
  • Top 6 finishers in a each Room earn Tickets
About Points Scoring System


  • If you correctly predict the play, you score points
  • For example: If a player uses 750 points on a 1.5x prediction, they win 1,125 points for a correct prediction
  • In other words: 1,125 points earned – 750 points used = 375 Points won
  • A player loses 750 points for an incorrect prediction
Advanced Tips

WinView Tips

  • Since the goal of each WinView contest is to win the most points, maximizing your opportunities is the best way to both get on top and remain there.
  • Expert playcallers wisely use their points when picking which predictions to answer correctly. That means knowing when to hold back and knowing when to go all out.

Here are some tips to stay ahead of the competition:

  • Get your pre-game or pre-quarter predictions in. With WinView, you are only as good as your best quarter. This means those players who arrive before each quarter starts will have the best chance of answering all five pre-game predictions with time to spare. Always stay one step ahead: As soon as one quarter ends, join a room in the next one!
  • Check the WinView app for new predictions before each drive and during natural breaks in the action, like commercials or timeouts. Just because you’re on the couch, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on your toes! Before a drive starts and during any natural breaks in the action, like a commercial or a timeout, be ready to field a handful of New Predictions. Enabling notifications or staying on the “Predictions” tab are both great ways to stay on top of each new scenario pushed by the Game Producers. Because let’s face it: the only shots you miss are the ones you never take!
  • Save your One-Shot for long odds. 1,000 points can be the difference between an all-star and a benchwarmer. If you see a prediction with a big multiplier (above 3.5x) and you think you can hit it, take the shot!