How to Create Leagues to Compete Against Friends & Rivals

1 - Create or Join a League

  • Tap the “Leagues” icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Then, select “Create League” to start your own WinView League
  • Name your league and begin!
  • Remember: You can also join a league from a friend’s invitation!
2 - Add Friends, Enemies & Rivals

  • Add up to 20 players (including yourself) to each league.
  • Easily add friends from your Friends List or invite players via email or Player ID.
  • You can play in up to FOUR WinView Leagues at a time!
3 - Compete In Your Favorite Games

  • It’s your league so you get to decide which quarters and games to play!
  • View your League History at any time to see who’s winning and losing.
4 - Dominate the League!

  • See your active league results on the Leaderboard during any game
  • Immortalize your victories over your friends and rivals.
  • Become a WinView Legend!