WinView Gamer Matt Madill

Former College Athlete Gets Into The Big Game In A Whole New Way

Matt Madill of Kansas City is a loyal WinView Games Power user with 56 quarters under his belt so far this season.

Matt lives and breathes sports, as a former collegiate golfer whose father happens to be a former player for the New Jersey Devils. The combination of competition and still being able to focus on the games are the biggest draw for Matt. Being in his early twenties, his phone is never far away and WinView’s second screen platform fits his lifestyle perfectly.

With a traditional fantasy league, you have players from teams all around the country filling spots on your roster, says Matt, which means you can’t focus fully on your favorite team’s games. With fantasy leagues, you split time between watching your computer screen and the TV, meaning you could miss a season-altering play. With WinView, that won’t ever be a problem, he adds. For Matt, WinView is the perfect combination of fandom and competitiveness. Wait for the app to prompt you, then place your picks, and turn your focus right back to the game.

Matt is a big Chiefs fan, but found himself not being fully dedicated to watching the games. Since joining WinView, he watches all the games he can, never missing a chance to dominate his friends, and he is more engaged in the games on TV than ever before.

Matt is excited for WinView’s $10,000 Big Game tournament on February 5th, and has gotten about 30 of his friends to join the app and play in his league.

Instead of facing off against one of your friends every week, you can compete against all of them at once, he says. Each play is a chance at gaining a lead, or falling behind. Will the home team score a touchdown? Will the road team force a turnover? Predict these parts of the game live, and earn points to reach the top of the leaderboard and earn cash for correctly predicting the plays on the field.

If you don’t have a rooting interest this weekend, and your only motivation for watching the Big Game are the commercials, create or join a league on WinView for a chance at glory!

WinView Game is 100% free to play, and legal in every state in the U.S.

Available for download: iTunes App Store or Google Play Store

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