• WinView $1K Mike Vick Giveaway

WinView is about watching sports on TV…and getting paid. During the Celtics @ Cavs game Friday night, 5 lucky WinView fans win $200!


$1K Mike Vick Giveaway

What’s the Contest

  • Time: 8:30 pm ET, Friday, May 25th
  • Game: First Quarter of Game 6 – Celtics @ Cavs
  • Contest: Tournament – $5 Entry Fee – $1,000 GPP
  • Payout: See below for payout details
  • Giveaway: $1K Mike Vick Giveaway – 5 random players who enter each win $1,000
$1K Mike Vick Giveaway

When Results Posted

  • Results of the $1K Tournament are posted immediately after 1st quarter is over
  • Results of the 5 random winners will be posted within 24-48 hours of the conclusion of the $1K Mike Vick Giveaway Tournament
  • Look on Mike Vick’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages to see if you won $200
$1K Mike Vick Giveaway

Collecting Winnings

  • To collect go to the WinView Games app
  • Tap MORE on app menu bar and then tap WITHDRAWAL
  • Enter amount and tap REQUEST WITHDRAWAL to PAYPAL
  • WinView Support emails you once your Request has been approved.
  • Email sent from PayPal notifies you that U.S. dollars deposited into your PayPal account by WinView, Inc.


(Example Leaderboard – Scroll right on mobile to see all 4 columns)

Place Player Name Total Points Winnings
1 Player Name 17425 $150
2 Player Name 16200 $120
3 Player Name 15450 $120
4 Player Name 14850 $100
5 Player Name 14400 $100
6 Player Name 13375 $70
7 Player Name 13350 $60
8 Player Name 12450 $50
9 Player Name 11650 $40
10 Player Name 11625 $30
11 Player Name 10925 $30
12 Player Name 10200 $20
13 Player Name 9975 $20
14 Player Name 9800 $20
15 Player Name 9775 $20
16 Player Name 9625 $10
17 Player Name 9450 $10
18 Player Name 8900 $10
19 Player Name 8850 $10
20 Player Name 8775 $10

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While watching an NBA or MLB game on TV – now, you can play along live with your phone and predict the plays, as they’re about to happen, and win cash if you’re right!

WinView Games isn’t daily fantasy. It’s a legit, in-game sports prediction app when NBA, NFL, MLB or MMA is on TV. Viewers enter contests, every quarter, predicting the outcome of the plays on TV, just before they actually happen, to win cash prizes.

WinView provides the ultimate fun engagement during game time – so, download WinView Games today, and get paid while watching sports on TV.