• WinView Money May Signed Glove Giveaway

WinView is about watching sports on TV…and getting paid.

During the Yankees @ Mets game, Sunday night, 2 lucky fans will be drawn to win a signed Floyd Money Mayweather boxing glove.

Play in our inning-long, $2 50/50 contests to participate. The more innings you enter, the better your chances to win!

What’s the Contest

  • Time: 8:00 pm ET, Sunday, June 10th on ESPN
  • Game: Yankees @ Mets
  • How to Enter: To participate, choose the game from the lobby and join the “Money May Glove Giveaway” room
  • Room Type: The Money May Glove Giveaway room is a $2 50/50 room 
  • Bonus Challenge: Every inning you play increases your chances to win

When Results Posted

  • Results: 2 winners will be randomly drawn the next day and results will posted on this web page + on WinView’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Note: Results of each $2 50/50 room contest are posted minutes after each inning ends

Collect Winnings

  • Getting Paid: WinView will coordinate with the winners to mail them the signed Mayweather boxing glove.

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While watching an NBA or MLB game on TV – now, you can play along live with your phone and predict the plays, as they’re about to happen, and win cash if you’re right!

WinView Games isn’t daily fantasy. It’s a legit, in-game sports prediction app when NBA, NFL, MLB or MMA is on TV. Viewers enter contests, every quarter, predicting the outcome of the plays on TV, just before they actually happen, to win cash prizes.

WinView provides the ultimate fun engagement during game time – so, download WinView Games today, and get paid while watching sports on TV.