WinView Games Official Rules

Date Last Modified: January 2, 2018

Welcome to WinView Games. Please take a moment to read these Official Rules carefully.

There are a number of free entry and paid entry Contests made available on the WinView Service in which You make predictions on a variety of sports, e.g., football, baseball, basketball and MMA, for prizes. We reserve the right to modify or cancel contest(s) at any time without notice to You.


1. Find a Game and Join a Room

  • Log in for free with Facebook, email, or as a guest.
  • Once logged in, you will see the “Lobby Schedule” screen.
  • If there is an open game available, tap PLAY NOW to join it. Below, you’ll see the upcoming game schedule with the ability to set individual notifications when each game opens.
  • Once you tap PLAY NOW, you will be taken to the “Join a Room” screen, which displays a list of room Contests you can enter. Each room represents a quarter-long or inning-long contest.
  • OK, you’ve chosen your Room. Now it’s time to play!  

2. Predict the Plays In Real Time

  • All players begin each quarter-long Contest with 5,000 Points. For MLB, a user starts with 1,000 Points. For MMA Contests, a user starts with 7,500 Points.
  • Want to win big? The goal of each Contest is to earn the most points by correctly predicting as many plays on the field as possible.
  • Before a quarter- / inning-long contest begins, go to the “Predictions” tab to get started. You’ll see about 5 pre-game predictions to start. For example, “Will the first play of the quarter be a pass?”
  • Once the contest is underway, more predictions are pushed to you in real-time. For example, “Will Dallas score a passing touchdown on this drive?”
  • You can only select your choice and use points on OPEN Predictions. They’re only open for a short time so be sure to make your Predictions quickly!
  • “New Predictions” appear as YES or NO scenarios with a points multiplier.
  • A player then determines how many points they want to use by selecting four options: 250, 500, 750, or a 1,000 point “ONE-SHOT.”
  • The ONE-SHOT can only be used once per Contest. Best of all, it doesn’t use up any of your points if you make an incorrect prediction.
  • Once you make your prediction, you can’t change it.
  • Prediction questions are in one ofthree states: “Open,” “Pending” or “Resolved.”
  • Expect approximately 25 “YES” or “NO” predictions per quarter that are pushed to you as a notification.


  • If you correctly predict the play, you will score points which are calculated with this simple formula:


    • POINTS WON is determined by POINTS USED x MULTIPLIER in a winning prediction and 0 in a losing prediction.
    • If you use a ONE-SHOT 1,000 point prediction, POINTS USED = 0.
    • For example: If you use 500 points on a 3x prediction, you win 1,000 points for a correct prediction: 1,500 points earned – 500 points used = 1,000 Points won. For an incorrect prediction, you lose 500 points.
  • Feeling confident? You’ve got to think big to win big! Use 750 points on “sure things” or go all out with your ONE-SHOT 1,000 point prediction!

3. Dominate the Leaderboard to Win Cash

  • During each Contest, players can check their standings (along with the competitors in their “Room Leaderboard” screen, one tap away on the bottom navigation.
  • Be sure to check the “Predictions” tab often to view the updated list of Open, Pending and Resolved predictions.
  • When each prediction is Resolved, a player’s point total goes up or down — along with their room ranking — to reflect the latest action.
    • Remember, a player’s total points in the Room Leaderboard DO NOT reflect any points they used in a Pending Prediction.
  • At the end of each Contest, the top scoring players in each room are awarded real money, which can be accumulated and redeemed as a payout via PayPal.
  • You can find your total accumulated balance of real money in the upper right hand corner of the “Room Leaderboard” screen. To redeem your money, go to the “MORE” tab and select “Transaction & Redeem”
  • Remember, the number of players and the number of real money winners in a room are indicated before joining a room.
    • Example: In a prize pool of $50 with 25 contestants and a $2 entry fee, the top 7 placements would be paid out.
  • TIES: If a tie occurs, it will be handled by taking the prize pool share of each of the tied positions, adding them up, and dividing that total among the tied players.
    • For example, if 1st and 2nd are tied and 1st place normally pays $15 and 2nd place $9, then each player gets $12 ($24 split two ways).


Since the goal of each WinView contest is to win the most points, maximizing your opportunities is the best way to both get on top and remain there. Expert playcallers wisely use their points when picking which predictions to answer correctly. That means knowing when to hold back and knowing when to go all out. Here are some tips to stay ahead of the competition:

Get your pre-game or pre-quarter predictions in.

  • With WinView, you are only as good as your best quarter. This means those players who arrive before each quarter starts will have the best chance of answering all five pre-game predictions with time to spare. Always stay one step ahead: As soon as one quarter ends, join a room in the next one!

Check the WinView app for new predictions before each drive and during natural breaks in the action, like commercials or timeouts.

  • Just because you’re on the couch, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on your toes! Before a drive starts and during any natural breaks in the action, like a commercial or a timeout, be ready to field a handful of New Predictions. Enabling notifications or staying on the “Predictions” tab are both great ways to stay on top of each new scenario pushed by the Game Producers. Because let’s face it: the only shots you miss are the ones you never take!

Save your One-Shot for long odds.

  • 1,000 points can be the difference between an all-star and a benchwarmer. If you see a prediction with a big multiplier (above 3.5x) and you think you can hit it, take the shot!

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The game is on! So take some chances, rack up the points and above all else, have fun!