PayPal Help Info

With the addition of Paid Contests to the WinView Games app, there are a few important changes to our withdrawal process.

  1. WinView requires you to withdraw funds to the same payment method you use to make a deposit.
    • For example, if you deposit $25 using your credit card, win $75, and then withdraw $100 to your PayPal account, you will get the initial $25 you used to deposit refunded back to your credit card, and the $75 you won will be sent to your PayPal.
  2. If you use PayPal to make your deposit and withdrawal, you will see the funds in two separate transactions.

Below is a visual step-by-step guide of a $25 deposit and a $65 withdrawal so you will know exactly what to expect when you make your first deposit and withdrawal using your own PayPal account.

STEP 1: $25 Deposit (Your PayPal account after you deposit)

STEP 2: $25 Refunded Payment (Your PayPal account after the refund has been processed)

STEP 3: $40 added to your PayPal account (Your PayPal account after full withdrawal has been processed with both transactions)

STEP 4: $65 Transaction Details (This page details each stage of the transaction down to the minute)

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