The Ultimate Play-By-Play Prediction App

Play Along Live on Mobile Devices While Watching Live TV Sports

You’re watching the game. They’re in the Red Zone. Will Pittsburgh’s quarterback throw a TD and score?

If you think you know the game of football well and can predict what’s going to happen before the play unfolds better than others, it’s time to get into the game and prove it.

The WinView Games app alerts you in real time during the football game with about 20 in-game prediction scenarios each quarter. Each prediction is a simple “Yes” or “No” scenario.

WinView is a free and legal mobile app for your smartphone that rewards you with real cash prizes as you play against others in a quarter-long contests.

Whatever your mobile device, it’s time to get into the game.

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“This app is completely changing the game.”


“It amazing how smart, engaging and exciting WinView Games is to play.”


“New [WinView] platform for advertising tied to live sports, drawing on the sort of second-screen phenomenon that is part of Twitter’s appeal.”

Google Play Review on WinView Games

“This is a great idea… Definitely makes watching the games more exciting!”

– Scott R.

“It’s unreal how LIVE of an experience this is!”
– Mike R. | NYG Fan

“Even blowouts are fun now! My wife hates it!”
– Andy M. | Jets Fan