Broncos vs. Raiders

Broncos vs. Raiders: Sunday Night Football NFL Week 9

It’s Broncos vs. Raiders. The AFC West’s 6-2 reigning power takes on the up and coming 6-2 challenger in primetime on Sunday night in Oakland.

Prediction: Oakland 27, Denver 26

Sunday Night Football week 9 features the Super Bowl champion Broncos vs. the upstart Raiders in an epic AFC West clash between teams with 6-2 records. The Raiders are playing at home in one of the biggest games in Oakland in a long time, but we think the veteran Broncos and their signature defense has what it takes to narrowly grab a victory on the road on Sunday Night Football week 9.

It has been a long time since the Broncos vs. Raiders has been such a highly-anticipated game, but it looks like the Raiders have fully turned the corner in 2016, and are ready to challenge the Broncos for AFC West supremacy. The evolution of young Raider quarterback Derek Carr and an improved Raider offense has fueled to 6-2, but they have yet to face a challenge like the one they will receive from Von Miller and the feared Bronco defense.

Miller and the experience and skill of that scary Denver defense is why we think the Broncos can steal a one-point win on Sunday Night Football week 9. The Raiders vs. Broncos is an exciting match up a between stingy defense and a prolific offense, and in the NFL, that tough defense usually wins out, so we are giving the slightest of edge to the Broncos.

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