WinView NBA Playoffs $20K Showdown

WinView Games Seeks Most Knowledgeable Hoops Fan During NBA Playoffs Pitting East Vs. West Fandoms

Sports Fans Can Cash In on Their Sports IQ With Play Along Live Interactive TV Experience Competing In WinView’s $20K NBA Playoffs Round-by-Round Showdown Tournament

San Francisco – April 13, 2018 – Basketball fans around the country are watching the NBA Playoffs on TV. But as each team battles on the court to see who plays the game best, WinView is letting fans battle from home to prove who knows the game best. This year, the fan is the sports hero, playing along live while watching the game on TV. It’s the ultimate test of Sports IQ: answering live predictions in real-time and competing against other fans for the ultimate prize: bragging rights and real money.

WinView, Inc. (, the nation’s leading skill-based sports prediction mobile games platform, is pitting fans from the Eastern and Western conferences against each other not only to see which conference fans are better, but also to determine the most knowledgeable NBA fan in America. The mobile app is setting the stage through a $20K NBA Playoffs Round-by-Round Showdown Tournament. Fans compete to correctly answer approximately 20 in-game questions sent from WinView’s live producers to the app during each quarter-long contest, such as: “Will Cleveland make more 3’s than Indiana this quarter?”, “Which team will record the next blocked shot or steal?” Or, “Will the Beard outscore the Chef in the 4th quarter?” Just like basketball, whoever racks up the most points wins the top prize.

Similar to the NBA Playoffs, WinView’s $20K Round-by-Round Showdown consists of four legs, culminating into a $10K finals main event. The first 3 legs of WinView’s Showdown total $10K in cash prizes with each round being its own tournament, providing plenty of opportunities for fans to get in on the action.

WinView’s $10K Showdown Finals Main Event takes the Top 100 WinView players with an Eastern Conference team affiliation and the Top 100 WinView players with a Western Conference team affiliation. It’s conference vs conference to determine East vs West supremacy and every player for themselves to determine the top NBA fan in the country.

WinView Executive Chairman, Tom Rogers, said, “82 games may be over, but the main event is just beginning. It’s time for NBA hoops fans to shine and get even closer to the game. WinView picks up where fantasy leaves off. It’s about rivalry, sports IQ and live competition that produces a thrilling adrenaline rush. Every round of our $20K Showdown brings a new main event, and with it, a larger prize pool. Even if fans make the cut by qualifying for the big tournament, there are still plenty of smaller contests each and every day to earn real cash where each quarter is a new opportunity. The battle for the most knowledgeable NBA fan starts now.”

WinView CEO, Eric Vaughn added, “If you like HQ Trivia, you’re gonna love WinView. If you watch a lot of sports, enjoy the flow of the game, and feel like you can predict what’s about to happen, then WinView is perfect for you. It’s the new way to watch live sports, win cash and talk trash. Our players consistently tell us, ‘Because of WinView, I’ve fallen back in love with basketball, baseball, what have you. Every play is amplified.’ WinView connects you to the game on TV like never before. It’s more interactive, more engaging and more fun, satisfying the competitive nature in all of us.”


The WinView $10K Finals Main Event will consist of 200 qualifiers divided into two $5K tournaments, pitting Eastern conference and Western conference team affiliations. The top 100 in each conference will compete for the following payout structure with the first elimination game of the series being the main event:

  • 1st: $2,000
  • 2nd: $1,000
  • 3rd: $500
  • 4th-5th: $250
  • 6th-7th: $200
  • 8th-10th: $100
  • 11th-16th: $50

For the WinView $10K 1st through 3rd round tournaments, the top 100 qualifying players each round will compete in a mini-main event. Round 1 prize pool is $2,000. Round 2 prize pool is $3,000. Round 3 prize pool is $5,000. Payout percentage is similar to the main event.

To participate in WinView’s $20K NBA Round-by-Round Showdown, download the WinView Games app on iOS or Android, or mobile play on Android Chrome browser. Enter paid contests throughout the playoffs. WinView’s paid contests, which are legal to play in 36 U.S. states, range from $2 to $100 in entry fees, where users compete against sports fans in contests ranging from 6 to 25 players. WinView’s free entry contests offer smaller prize pools and are legal to play in all 50 states.

About WinView, Inc.

WinView, Inc. is a Silicon Valley and New York based company that is focused on paid entry, mobile two-screen synchronized televised sports games of skill in the U.S. The Company plans to leverage its extensive experience in pioneering real-time interactive television games played on the mobile second screen, its foundational patents and unique business model. The WinView app is an end-to-end two-screen TV synchronization platform for both television programming and commercials. The paid entry, skill-based WinView Games app uniquely enhances TV viewing enjoyment and rewards sports fans with prizes as they answer in-game questions while competing with friends in real-time during live televised sports. These games of skill are legal in 36 states. For more information, please visit


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