WinView Executive Chairman Tom Rogers Offers Statement on Supreme Court Ruling in Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association

NEW YORK, May 14, 2018 — Tom Rogers, Executive Chairman of WinView, Inc. (, the nation’s #1 second-screen live TV sports prediction platform, offered the following statement today regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in MURPHY v. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSN.:

“WinView’s leading position in mobile and digital games of skill where users play along while they watch live sports on television is underpinned by 54 patents. These patents govern the synchronization of mobile devices with live television sports among many other elements. These same patents cover gambling and games of chance and we look forward to playing a leading role with mobile technology and other applications as states decide how to implement their individual sports gambling laws as a result of this Supreme Court decision.”

Mr. Rogers is available for interviews and can be reached through the contacts below.

About Tom Rogers

Tom Rogers is Executive Chairman of WinView, Inc. Previously, Tom was Chairman, President and CEO of TiVo (Nasdaq: TiVo), Chairman and CEO of PRIMEDIA, Inc., President of NBC Cable and Executive Vice President of NBC. Tom founded CNBC, the nation’s leading business news channel and established the NBC/Microsoft cable channel and Internet joint venture, MSNBC. Prior to NBC, he was Senior Counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Telecommunications, Consumer Protection and Finance Subcommittee, where he was responsible for drafting a number of communications laws including the 1984 Cable Franchise Policy and Communications Act,[19] and for overseeing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).Tom was inducted as a member of the Cable Center Cable Hall of Fame in May 2016 and the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame in October 2013.

About WinView Inc.

WinView, Inc. is a Silicon Valley and New York based company that is focused on free mobile two-screen synchronized televised sports games for prizes in the U.S. The Company plans to leverage its extensive experience in pioneering real-time interactive television games played on the mobile second screen, its foundational patents and unique business model. The WinView app is an end-to-end two-screen TV synchronization platform for both television programming and commercials. The free skill-based WinView Games app uniquely enhances TV viewing enjoyment and rewards sports fans with prizes as they answer in-game questions while competing with friends in real time during live televised sports. These free games of skill are legal in every state. For more information, please visit

About WinView Inc.’s Intellectual Property

WinView’s portfolio of 54 foundational patents covers the synchronization of the second-screen with TV broadcasts and commercials and the optimum methods of monetizing sports-based games of skill, among other types of programming content. The WinView platform provides sponsors and advertisers with exclusive access to all the two-screen game participants through sponsorship of the game, in-game videos and incentivized interactive commercials in sports telecasts. The Company plans to expand its service in partnership with the leagues, TV and cellular industries, leveraging its intellectual property to establish a two-screen synchronization standard across the entire TV broadcast and cellular networks, which are industries that rely upon standards to function efficiently at scale.


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