WinView Games Debuts First-Ever Live In-Game Predictions for March Madness

Mobile Skill-based Games Platform Announces America’s Got Sports IQ $5K Prop Madness Bracket Challenge and a $20K Perfect Game Jackpot

San Francisco – March 14, 2018 – March Madness is upon us and as usual hoops fans are obsessing about the tournament bracket. But once the brackets are filled, then what? WinView, Inc. (, the nation’s leading skill-based sports prediction mobile games platform, is taking Bracketology 101 to the next level by giving TV viewers nationwide the first-ever chance to predict the live action on the court against friends or fellow fans.

WinView announced today its America’s Got Sports IQ $5K Prop Madness Bracket Challenge. Fans can predict the plays live as the game unfolds, such as “Will Duke make more 3’s than their opponent this half?”

Similar to the Big Dance tournament structure, the top predicting WinView players across the country will compete to qualify for 64 spots over the course of the first two weeks of the $5K Prop Madness Bracket Challenge. By the time Final Four Saturday arrives, WinView will take the top 64 qualifiers, seed them based on their scores, and create four brackets of 16 players that will face off. During Monday night’s National Championship, the top four winners from each bracket will compete for a share of the $5K prize pool.

As part of the $5K Prop Madness Bracket Challenge, WinView is upping the challenge by layering on a $20,000 Perfect Game Jackpot. In order to win the jackpot, any user playing WinView Games during the course of a half-long, paid contest in the Final Four or Championship Game must answer every prediction correctly. Any user that achieves a Perfect Game wins a share of the $20,000 prize, or the entire prize if they’re the only one to get all the questions right.

WinView Executive Chairman, Tom Rogers, said, “The WinView Games competition platform is about turning the fan into the athlete by placing them at the center of the drama of live sports on TV. As part of our America’s Got Sports IQ search, we’re seeding our best players in the $5K March Madness Prop Bracket Challenge based on their skill at predicting hoops live. Once the Final Four starts, our bracket begins. That means the top scores get the easiest path to the finals, just like the Big Dance. In addition, the $20K Perfect Game allows for broader participation for passionate fans who missed the cut by giving them another opportunity to cash in on their Sports IQ.”

With WinView, each basketball half is a contest, during which approximately 25 YES / NO live prediction questions are sent straight to your mobile device as the action unfolds. Prediction questions follow the live narrative of the game and include questions like, “Which team will record the next steal?”, “Will Kentucky go on an 8-0 run?” or “Will UNC make the next 3 pointer?” Payouts are immediate at the completion of each half-long contest.

WinView CEO, Eric Vaughn added, “March is already mad, but we’re taking the chaos and adding a new layer of fun that fans have never seen before. After you fill out your regular bracket, that’s when the real excitement begins. WinView gamers compete against real fans — not bots. Our most popular paid contests typically reward up to half of all players competing. With immediate payouts each half, you can talk trash and win cash all tournament long.”


To participate in WinView’s America’s Got Sports IQ $5K Prop Madness Bracket Challenge, download the WinView Games app on iOS or Android, or mobile play on Android’s Chrome browser. Enter paid contests in the first two weekends of March Madness. Your qualifying score is the sum of the total points in your best four halves. The top 64 total scores qualify for the Prop Bracket. Prize payouts are as follows: (1) $10 each player who qualifies for the top 64 spots, and (2) $5,000 is distributed to the top 16 finalists in the bracket (1st wins $,2000, 2nd wins $1,000, 3rd wins $500, 4th-5th wins 250, 6th-7th wins $200, 8th-10th wins $100, 11th-16th wins $50.)


To participate in the WinView jackpot contest, enter a paid contest for a chance to win the $20,000 jackpot. The Jackpot Contest starts in the Final Four and concludes after the Championship Game.

WinView’s paid contests, which are legal to play in 36 U.S. states, range from $2 to $100 in entry fees, where users compete against sports fans in contests ranging from 6 to 25 players. WinView’s free entry contests offer smaller prize pools and are legal to play in all 50 states.

About WinView, Inc.

WinView, Inc. is a Silicon Valley and New York based company that is focused on paid entry, mobile two-screen synchronized televised sports games of skill in the U.S. The Company plans to leverage its extensive experience in pioneering real-time interactive television games played on the mobile second screen, its foundational patents and unique business model. The WinView app is an end-to-end two-screen TV synchronization platform for both television programming and commercials. The paid entry, skill-based WinView Games app uniquely enhances TV viewing enjoyment and rewards sports fans with prizes as they answer in-game questions while competing with friends in real-time during live televised sports. These games of skill are legal in 36 states. For more information, please visit


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