Packers vs Redskins

Packers vs Redskins Score Predictions: NFL Week 11 Preview

The Packers vs Redskins is one of the most interesting games of NFL Week 11. The Packers appear to be falling apart after losing three straight and Aaron Rodgers and the Pack will have to try and turn things around on Sunday night against a Redskins team that has lost just one game since the second week of the season. With both teams fighting for a shot at the playoffs, we expect a tight Packers vs Redskins score and Packers vs. Redskins prediction.

Packers vs Redskins Prediction: Washington 30, Green Bay 23

The Packers vs Redskins is this week’s Sunday night primetime game as Aaron Rodgers and the Packers try to turn around a three-game losing streak and get their season back on track. The Redskins have improved since the season started, having lost just one game since the second week of the season, but will likely get a hard shot from the Packers who are trying to avoid having their season completely fall apart in the Packers vs Redskins.

With Rodgers and the Packers having their backs against the wall, we expect a tight game in our Packers vs Redskins prediction and believe the Packers vs. Redskins score will end up being 30-23 in the favor of the Redskins. The two teams are going in the opposite direction and we don’t think the Packers will be able to turn things around in a Sunday night game on the road in the Packers vs. Redskins.

Despite their overall struggles, the Packers have still been able to usually put some points on the board each week, so we anticipate Rodgers and the Packers moving the ball fairly well and keeping pace with the Redskins in our Packers vs. Redskins prediction and expect a close Packers vs. Redskins score. However, opponents have scored more than 30 points on the Packers each of the last three weeks, so we also anticipate the Redskins cracking the 30-point mark in our Packers vs. Redskins prediction for a Packers vs. Redskins score of 30-23.

What to Expect

Aaron Rodgers’ completion percentage has suffered at times in 2016, but that might not be the case Sunday night against the Redskins. The Redskins give up one of the highest rates of completion in the entire league and there is a good chance that Rodgers and the Packers will attack the Redskins with high-percentage throws that move the chains and keep the Washington defense on its toes.

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