WinView Games Contest Terms of Service

Last Updated: October 7, 2016

Thanks for showing interest in wanting to learn more about the WinView Games Football Challenge Contests. Please take a moment to read our Contest Rules and Terms of Service carefully, which are subject to change at any time without notice.

  1. Football Challenge Tournament Duration: Our Football Challenge Contests are planned on a weekly schedule during regular football season (Thursday through Monday) with the possibility of being extended into the post season, playoffs, bowl games. For the launch of the Football Challenge, we excluded the Thursday night game on 10-6-2016.
  2. Games included: All football games produced by WinView, including pro and college.
  3. Tournament Prize Pool: Up to $1000 or more.
  4. Prize Pool Per Football Game: Up to $200 or more.
  5. How Winning Positions Are Determined: Total points for a player’s best two (2) of four (4) quarters in a single football game.
  6. How Are Winners Determined: WinView winners will be determined at the conclusion of the weekly football challenge, which at present is on the following Tuesday.
  7. How Are Winners Announced: WinView winners will be announced on our website’s Leaderboard page.
  8. How Winners Get Paid: Winners receive their winnings via WinCoins, our in-app virtual currency, directly to their WinView Games user account. WinCoins can be accumulated and redeemed for cash via PayPal.
  9. How Many Winners Per Football Game: There are three (3) paid winners per football game:
    • 1st place 50%=$100 (100,000 WinCoins)
    • 2nd place 30%=$60 (60,000 WinCoins)
    • 3rd place 20%=$40 (40,000 WinCoins)
  10. What If There’s a Tie: If a tie occurs, it will be handled by taking the prize pool share of each of the tied positions, adding them up, and dividing that total among the tied players.
    • For example, if 1st and 2nd are tied and 1st place normally pays 300 WinCoins and 2nd place 200 WinCoins, then each player gets 250 WinCoins (500 WinCoins split two ways).
  11. How to Redeem WinCoins: Players can redeem their WinCoins through the “Transaction and Redeem” field under the MORE button within the WinView Games app. Redemption occurs through PayPal. If a player doesn’t have a PayPal account, they will have to create one in order to cash out.
    • If you are playing WinView Games as a GUEST, you will have to link your account with your Facebook account, or add Verify and email address in the app. register from Facebook or email to redeem WinCoins. This is found in the MORE menu bar.
  12. Notification of Payment: WinView Support will email you once your Redemption has been approved. You will receive an email from PayPal notifying you that U.S. dollars have been deposited to your PayPal account by WinView, Inc.
  13. Restrictions: Employees and other representatives of WinView are ineligible to redeem WinCoins.

(Scroll right on mobile to see all 4 columns)

Place Player Name Total Points Winnings
1 Player Name 17425 $100
2 Player Name 16200 $60
3 Player Name 15450 $40
4 Player Name 14850
5 Player Name 14400
6 Player Name 13375
7 Player Name 13350
8 Player Name 12450
9 Player Name 11650
10 Player Name 11625
11 Player Name 10925
12 Player Name 10200
13 Player Name 9975
14 Player Name 9800
15 Player Name 9775
16 Player Name 9625
17 Player Name 9450
18 Player Name 8900
19 Player Name 8850
20 Player Name 8775

Again, please take a moment to read these Terms of Service carefully. By participating in our contests, you are agreeing to be bound by these WinView Terms of Service. If you do not accept all of the Terms of Service in this agreement, please do not participate in contests by WinView Games.