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Panthers vs Seahawks

Sunday Night Football Week 13: Seahawks vs. Panthers Score Prediction

    The Seahawks will return home to take on the underachieving…
Giants vs Steelers

NFL Week 13 Picks: Steelers vs. Giants

    The New York Giants have rattled off six straight wins…
Texans vs Packers

NFL Week 13 Picks: Packers vs. Texans

    It's Texans vs. Packers. The Texans will head to Green…
Cowboys vs Vikings

Cowboys vs. Vikings Predictions - NFL Week 13

    Sports fans call it Dallas vs. Vikings, and tonight…
Bengals vs Ravens

NFL Week 12 Picks: Ravens vs. Bengals

    The Ravens vs. Bengals meet up Sunday for a key AFC…
Panthers vs Raiders

NFL Week 12 Picks: Raiders vs. Panthers

    It's the Raiders vs. Panthers. The defending NFC champion…
Chiefs vs Broncos

Sunday Night Football Predictions: Broncos vs. Chiefs

    It's Broncos vs. Chiefs. The AFC West is shaping up…
Steelers vs Colts

NFL Thanksgiving Football Preview: Steelers vs. Colts Score Predictions

    The Steelers broke their four-game losing streak last…
Packers vs Redskins

Packers vs Redskins Score Predictions: NFL Week 11 Preview

The Packers vs Redskins is one of the most interesting games…