Syracuse vs Florida State

Syracuse vs Florida State: ACC Atlantic College Football Preview & Score Predictions

It’s Syracuse vs Florida State: The Seminoles can’t win the ACC or contend for a College Football Playoff spot this year, but they can still keep crawling up the Top 25 rankings and qualify for a top-tier bowl game. However, they will have to avoid an upset on the road against an improved ACC rival who has already pulled off wins over ranked ACC foes this season in Saturday’s match up of Syracuse vs. Florida State in our college football preview.

Syracuse vs. Florida State Prediction: Florida State, 48 Syracuse 24

It is almost the end of the college football season and the games are getting more and more important. Syracuse vs. Florida State may not be a game with College Football Playoff implications, but it is one that is still ultra-important for both teams as they try to jockey for bowl position, and in Syracuse’s case, to make a bowl game.

In our college football preview of Syracuse vs. Florida State, we see the Seminoles rolling on the road to continue their late-season surge. The Orange have shown the ability to compete with some of the best of the ACC this season, especially at home, but the insanely-talented Seminoles seem to have put it together in the second half of the season and should be able to run away from the Orange.

We don’t expect the Orange to keep it close, but we do expect them to put up some points at home and keep the score from getting too lopsided in Syracuse vs. Florida State. Our college football prediction is that the Seminoles get out ahead early and coast to a 48-24 win where they put up a lot of points, but also give up a fair amount of points.

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