NFL Week 14 Recap

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Week 14. So bittersweet. We had 2 teams clinch their division (Eagles – NFC East; Steelers – AFC North) but not without a body count.


The saddest victory of the weekend…

The Philadelphia Eagles faced the L.A. Rams in an exciting Sunday later afternoon shootout. MVP front-runner Eagles QB Carson Wentz marched down the field repeatedly, throwing multiple TD passes and even set Eagles franchise record for most TD passes in a single season at 33 TDs. The Rams looked good too, and this game remained close ‘til the end. In the 3rd quarter, multiple defenders collided with Wentz as he dove into the end zone. Visibly shaken, he completed 4 more plays from the pocket, including a TD pass to Alshon Jeffery, before heading to the locker room. We now know Wentz tore his ACL and is out for the season. Backup QB, Nick Foles, stepped in to finish the game and threw a critical third-down conversion which helps the Eagles win the game, 31-28. With this win, the Eagles clinched the NFL East, and now they look to earn a first-round bye in the playoffs. Check the week 15 predictions for more on this story.


LeSean McCoy played great in the snow…if you could see him.

When we found out the Colts and Bills were going to play in conditions resembling north of the wall, it was a pretty safe bet that the run game would take over. Apparently, LeSean McCoy didn’t notice the weather because 32/156/1. Yeah. That’s pretty impressive. He later said he enjoyed playing in the snow.


Panthers surge!

The Panthers beat the Vikings on Sunday ending Minnesota’s 8 game winning streak. The defensive line went after Case Keenum hitting him 7 times and collecting 6 sacks. For Carolina, after a plodding start – and middle – to the season, we’re finally seeing RB Jonathan Stewart score some TDs. He’s known for these late-season stirs so look for more of this going forward. This win solidified the Panthers as an NFC threat.

Josh Gordon is the New/Old Hotness…but he’s still on the Browns.

Cleveland looked like it might end up with its first win of the year, and Josh Gordon looked great with 3/69/1. But the Packers scored 20 unanswered points and ultimately won in overtime. Browns gonna Browns.

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