WinView Games App 2.0 Coming Soon

WinView Games is excited to announce that the new version of our live football predictions app will be coming soon with a launch planned in the next few weeks – available on both iOS and Android.

The good news. We’re in the midst of final testing. Once that’s completed, our plan is to launch the app in the next few weeks so that everyone can play along live with their TV, predict the plays on the field and win cash prizes while earning serious bragging rights.

What’s more, our beta users are loving it, and the app has been already approved for App Store distribution – so lots of excitement and momentum building around WinView.

App development is a creative process that involves extensive testing to ensure a solid user experience. Our development team has made great progress in a very short window during this off season in developing a brand new app leading up to the 2016 football season. Based on our user research conducted after the 2015-16 season combined with trends in social gaming, we decided to significantly boost our app’s performance, functionality and scalability.

New Feature Set of WinView Games 2.0

  1. Brand new design and improved interface – 100% free to play with no credit card required
  2. Enhanced live football prediction game questions – sent to your phone in real-time while watching TV
  3. Improved variety of predictions during the live football game – test your skills under pressure
  4. New contest structure – select from a variety of contests and rooms to earn prizes and bragging rights
  5. More games each week of the NFL and NCAA football season – covering at least 7 of the biggest pro and college football games each week
  6. Ability for users to choose and display their favorite NFL team on the WinView Games leaderboard
  7. Super easy login – quickly sign up using Facebook, your email or play as guest
  8. In-app chat – connect with friends and chat them up without having to leave the app
  9. New points system – winners of contests win “WinCoins” which can be redeemed for prizes
  10. New version includes in-app banner ads and a few optional video ads users can choose to watch to earn extra points

– Team WinView Games

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