Seattle vs. Arizona score | WinView Leaderboard (10/23/2016)

Sunday Night Football | SEA at ARI, 8:30 pm ET | 10/23/2016

Our Prediction: SEA 21-17

The regular season series between the Hawks and the Cards is tied 17-17. These two teams have ruled the NFC West for several seasons and a respected rivalry has developed. The Cardinals have lost the last three meetings at home by a combined score of 105-34 and are tired of hearing about it. Arizona will come out fired up, but with Seattle’s improving defense and all of their offensive weapons, we think QB Russell Wilson will lead the Seahawks to victory today.

Final/OT: TIE 6-6

Leaderboard Results – Top 20 Players
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Place Player Name Total Points Winnings
1 Tvern06 37675 $100
2 MikeGee 37625 $60
3 Antwione Tdogg Clemons 37500 $40
4 Scrappy710 36600
5 Mike Brett 36050
6 maloneyconor2 35850
7 Tanner Thompson 35500
8 DTrain 35475
9 Max Sale 35325
10 Lambda89656 35075
11 DrinkyJake 34600
12 Simply 34200
13 Buylow22 34125
14 Rick Korb 34100
15 Psi57483 33675
16 Patton Barker 33600
17 Lvic11 33525
18 Samoan_Assassin81 33350
T-19 Reyes Padilla 33175
T-19 Ballout 33175
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  1. Jeremy
    Jeremy says:

    405 361 3869
    My is Jeremy if someone out there please feel free to text me what’s kind of going on with the game already work me like a dog today and the cable man don’t get here till tomorrow but I seem to have stumbled upon this app and I’m really enjoying myself that is my cell phone number should someone be willing to give me some tips and advice and help me out and then knowing what’s going on


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