WinView NBA Playoffs Tournament Details

For the 2017 NBA Playoffs, WinView is holding special tournaments, culminating in the NBA Finals.

Now that we’ve reached the Conference Finals and Finals, we’re holding $300 Cash Tournaments and $12 Platinum Rooms!

For the 1st round, we held 5K Ticket Tournaments, but increased the prize pool for the 2nd round to 7,500 Ticket Tournaments.

Conference Finals and NBA Finals Tournaments (In Addition to Platinum Rooms):

$300 CASH TOURNEY: Free to enter. Top 5 paid out cash in WinCoins. Bonus: Top 6-30 paid out tickets in WinTickets.

Each game produced by WinView during the Conference Finals round of the NBA Playoffs has a $300 cash prize pool (equal to 300,000 WinCoins; 1,000 WinCoins = $1) and a 4,380 WinView Tickets prize pool.

Conference Finals and Finals feature $12 Platinum Rooms – require 120 WinView Tickets to enter.

In WinView Tournaments, you are competing against the entire field, not just the players in your room.

Top 30 overall winners paid each game based on the total points of their best 2 qtrs.

Example: Q1 13,250 Pts, Q2 15,250 Pts, Q3 6,400 Pts and Q4 17,350 Pts.

Best 2 quarters: Q2 + Q4 = 32,600 Pts


1st Place 120,000 WinCoins ($120)
2nd Place 80,000 WinCoins ($80)
3rd Place 50,000 WinCoins ($50)
4th Place 30,000 WinCoins ($30)
5th Place 20,000 WinCoins ($20)
6th-9th Place 330 Tickets
10th-14th Place 240 Tickets
15th-19th Place 180 Tickets
20th-24th Place 120 Tickets
25th-30th Place 60 Tickets

Note: 1,000 WinCoins = $1

Results posted approximately 30 minutes after each game is over. Payouts occur within 24 hours to your player account.

Good luck!

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