Seahawks vs Patriots Highlights

Seahawks vs Patriots Highlights: Ends on No-Call for Pass Interference

Almost a week later, the controversy surrounding the end of the game between the Seahawks and the Patriots last Sunday night still rolls on. For those that somehow haven’t seen the play yet, you can check the Seahawks vs Patriots highlights, watch the final offensive play for the Patriots, and decide for yourself on another Seahawks controversial call, or in this case, no call.

The play occurred with less than 15 seconds left in the game and the Patriots down by seven points in a fourth and one situation at the Seahawks’ one-yard line.Tom Brady threw a fade to the end zone for Rob Gronkowski against Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor, the two players locked up and the ball went out of Gronkowski’s reach and fell incomplete. The play essentially ended the game for the Patriots, sealed the win for the Seahawks and the fact that pass interference was not called on Chancellor drew the ire of many Patriots fans.

It seems a Seahawks controversial call (or no call) has become a very common complaint for opposing fans in recent years, but Tom Brady wouldn’t commit to joining in with Patriots fans and criticizing the no call in an interview on Monday. Brady said the call could have gone either way and Gronkowski agreed.

The Seahawks didn’t have too much to say about the no call after the game. Pete Carroll seemed more interested in creating controversy by calling out Patriots fans and the atmosphere at Gillette Stadium than creating more conversation about the Seahawks controversial call.

Regardless of whether or not you agreed with the call, the Seahawks vs. Patriots was one of the best games of the 2016 NFL season thus far and the Seahawks vs. Patriots highlights show a hotly-contested game between two of the best teams in the NFL. Don’t be surprised if the two teams meet up again in the Super Bowl, and don’t be shocked if there is another Seahawks controversial call (or no call) if they do.

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