WinView Thanksgiving Football Duel

A Turkey Day Tradition Is Born: WinView Games + NFL Football = A Reason to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is finally here! Between the overabundance of food, uncomfortable political conversation with your relatives and endless NFL action, Turkey Day is either your favorite or least favorite holiday.

But if you’re anything like us here at WinView Games, you’re perfectly content to lie back on the couch between third and fourth helpings, grab a cold drink and completely immerse yourself in back-to-back-to-back football games! Let’s face it, there’s something comforting about watching world-class athletes push their bodies to the edge on the field while you push your belt-buckle to the brink on the couch.

This year, we’re starting a new Turkey Day tradition. This year, you’ve got WinView Games to get you in the action without leaving the comfort of the living room.

WinView Live NFL Predictions

So while the rest of your family predicts who will pass out first, you get to predict what’s really important: Will Dak Prescott complete 5 passes on the next drive? Will the Steelers’ defense force a turnover in the 2nd quarter? Will Adrian Peterson make a surprise appearance out of the Vikings’ backfield on crutches? (Spoiler alert: he won’t).

New to WinView? Here’s everything you need to know: WinView Games launched on iOS and Android on September 22nd, 2016 and since then we’re growing rapidly. The game is easy, fun, pays winners in CASH and is SUPER addictive. Best of all? Unlike Daily Fantasy, it’s 100% free to play and perfectly legal in every US state.

Playing WinView is much easier than fantasy football. No drafts or rosters required. Just download the app on your iOS or Android device and check the schedule to see upcoming games. You know…like during Thanksgiving! WinView is producing three games on Thanksgiving Day and regularly covers all the nationally televised games and the top college games on Saturday.

Each contest lasts a football quarter, where our game producers push live predictions to you in real-time, questions like, “Will the Cowboys score a touchdown on this drive?” Each player gets 5,000 points to start each quarter, which you can wager on these YES or NO predictions. After each quarter is done, the Top 3 players earn WinCoins, which are redeemable for cash. The top 6 get “tickets” to join higher-paying rooms. That means less commitment and a lot more action.

We’ll be announcing more features, contests and promotions during thanksgiving and the following weeks, so follow us on Facebook for the latest! The way we see it, it’s time to create a new Thanksgiving ritual: one that brings people together and makes football exciting, even for casual fans.

So why sit back and watch when you can sign up and get in the game? We promise you one thing: you’ll never watch football the same again!

WinView Game is 100% free to play, and legal in every state in the U.S.

Available for download: iTunes App Store or Google Play Store

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