Washington vs Eagles

NFL Week 14 Picks: Washington vs Eagles

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It’s Washington vs. Eagles: The Redskins take on the Eagles on Sunday, and we will see if the Eagles can make a comeback. The Eagles started out strong, but haven’t been able to get their act together for the rest of the season after their 3-0 start. While the Redskins haven’t been stellar either, they certainly have a more composed lineup than the Eagles. We think the Redskins will come away with a win over the Eagles and work their way towards re-inserting themselves in the playoff picture.

Eagles vs. Washington Score Prediction: Eagles 25, Washington 31

The NFC East is turning out to be the NFL’s most competitive division in the 2016 season. The Philadelphia Eagles visit the Washington Redskins on Sunday with both teams no more than one game out of first place.

After their strong start to the season, the wheels have come off the Eagles wagon. They can’t get it together and win a game. Eagles QB, Carson Wentz, isn’t getting much help from his offensive line, and he’s being forced to run the ball instead of throwing because he isn’t given enough time to make plays. However, the Eagles offense should have a better match on Sunday as they will be going up against the Redskins, a team not known for their standout defense.

The Redskins haven’t been able to live up to the expectations in the past couple of weeks. They have lost two games in a row and are now far from the playoffs. They still have a shot, but it’s crucial they start winning now. Washington’s QB, Kirk Cousins, has had a great season, but he needs to keep playing at his highest level in order to get his team back in the playoff picture.

Bottom line: we just can’t really trust the Eagles and their offensive line. This team has fallen in a rut since their 3-0 start to the season, and they haven’t given us reason to believe they can get the job done against a team like Washington. For that reason, we are predicting the Redskins win by 6 points.

Tune in on Sunday at 1 PM ET to catch the game.

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