What’s Next for WinView Post Super Bowl 50

With the Broncos upset over the Panthers in Super Bowl 50, this concludes the 2015-2016 football season for WinView Games.

Peyton Manning and the Broncos’ defense delivered a crowning upset over MVP Cam Newton and the heavily favored Panthers.

A super congrats goes to the top 10 winners of our season-ending contest, The Super 1000, which had a $1000 prize pool. A special thanks also goes to everyone who played along live in the final game, tested their skills and formed a few leagues.


1st Place – Nate Tuen
2nd Place – Kerry Buring
3rd Place – Linda Thai
4th Place – Steve Goodroe
5th Place Tie – Sean Kelly & Kameron Barton
7th Place – Rob Dyer
8th Place – Paul McLean
9th Place – Matt DeCoursey
10th Place – John Goodroe


What’s next? First off, the WinView team would like to extend its deep appreciation to all the WinView gamers – from the hardcore gamer to the casual player – who signed up and participated in our first football season of WinView Games.

Your passion for football came through week in and week out, not only in how well you played, but also in the feedback you provided us to make our app experience better.

We hope we provided a new dimension to enjoying the game. But we’re not done. We’re just getting started.
Going forward, we are exploring other nationally televised sports to produce on a weekly basis.

We can’t reveal the details at this time. So stay tuned and we’ll be in touch soon with some exciting news.

– Game on, Team WinView!

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