The NFL In-Game Predictions App That’s Sweeping the Nation

You’re watching the game and the Broncos are in the Red Zone. Suddenly, an in-game prediction notification appears on your phone: “Will the Broncos score a touchdown?” How many points are you willing use?

This isn’t Vegas…

This is the future of football.

This is WinView.


WinView Games is a new NFL in-game predictions app that’s recently become a popular alternative to daily fantasy sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. WinView is FREE TO PLAY. That means you can win cash prizes with NO ENTRY FEE required. WinView has tournament-style contests of skill that pay out to the winners.

It’s one thing to read about, but trying it out is a completely different game! When you’re the QB, the in-game prediction notifications come at you at blazing speed throughout each quarter, so you gotta think and act fast. When the game is on, what will you choose?*

  • Team will complete 4 passes on this drive (YES/NO)
  • There will be a play greater than 30 yards in this quarter (YES/NO)
  • Team will get a first down on this drive (YES/NO)

*Example in-game prediction for a game situation. Real notifications will vary and change dynamically throughout the game.
Even when a football game is slow, WinView adds a fun and addictive layer to the game experience. Pretty soon, you’ll wonder how you ever watched a game without it!

During this season, NFL football fans and daily fantasy players have been loving the new way to watch-and-play football on their smartphones (only available on iPhone 5 and above in the iTunes App Store).

“Finally a football game app that got it right,” said Mitch Backster of Michigan and an an avid DFLer. “I’ve never experienced watching a game live on TV
and playing along in such a heart-pounding way.
My palms got sweaty and crampy from holding the phone so much and so tight.”


Football fans agree: Every game is more fun when there’s something on the line!

WinView is producing 4 games a week on average, like Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football. They also cover a big college game on Saturday.

Love football? Get the app! Think you know what’s going to happen in each game? Get the app! Want to make your favorite games even more exciting? You get the idea.

Download the WinView Games App on the iTunes App Store

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