WinView Games App Transitions from Test Flight Mode to App Store

WinView, Inc has transitioned its beta WinView Games in-game predictions app from Apple Test Flight Mode to the iTunes App Store. Currently available for download only on iOS platforms / iPhone 5 and 6.

Inviting friends to play and be part of the ultimate 2nd screen football experience is easier than ever. Cash prizes are coming soon once a few more games are tested.

Beta test users will need to delete the current app on their phone followed by going to the iTunes App Store and download the new version of WinView Games. They will need to re-register when logging in. As part of the transition from “test flight” to being in the App Store, their account details had to be purged in order to start fresh.

As part of the soft launch in the App Store, the team at WinView Games is producing 7 football games this week to play!

GAME 1: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Detroit Lions at 12:30p ET on FOX
GAME 2: Carolina Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys at 4:30p ET on CBS
GAME 3: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers at 8:30p ET on NBC

GAME 4: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Michigan Wolverines at Noon ET on ABC

GAME 5: Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco Giants at 4:05p ET on FOX
GAME 6: New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos at 8:30p ET on NBC

GAME 7: Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns at 8:30p ET ESPN

If users experience any technical issues or need help, please contact us at

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