WinView Won’t Sleep for Preseason: Hall of Fame Game Thursday Night

Ladies and gentleman, say it with us: Football is back, baby! Man, it feels good to say that. We all know you you guys have missed the gridiron, but we guarantee we’ve missed it more. That’s why we’re not waiting until week 1 to bring back your pigskin fix.

And just like before, we’ll have all the room types you know and love in Bronze, Silver, and Gold so you can keep padding that player account and bragging to your friends and family. We’re also running a pretty sweet tournament to kick off the NFL season, and all you have to do is play to be a part of it! We’re paying out $50 to the top 3 best 2 of 4 quarters in total points scored, and 4th-10th will receive tickets!  For all you players who have kept silent during basketball and baseball, this is your chance bust out and show who’s really the boss when it comes to WinView!

The payout model goes like this:

1st place: $25

2nd place: $15

3rd place: $10

4th-10th: 120 Tix

This year’s HOF Game features two teams with high aspirations for the season in the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals. We all know this is just preseason, but just the thought of these two running backs getting back on the field is tantalizing. David Johnson burst onto the scene for the Cardinals last year with more than 1,200 yards and 16 touchdowns. Coach Bruce Arians will definitely rely on him to be a bellcow this season with Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer a year older.

As for the Cowboys, I’m sure they’ve wanted to forget the image of Aaron Rodgers ending their season 7 months ago. Even though Dallas has had their share of controversy this offseason, they are still one of the most talented rosters from top to bottom, and everyone is waiting to see how Dak and Zeke take that next step in year 2.

What better place to kick off the 2017 season than Canton, OH, the home of legends. And sure enough, you could be a legend when it’s all said and done. Just remember to tune in at 8pm EST on NBC and begin your 2017 NFL Season WinView style!

WinView Game is 100% free to play, and legal in every state in the U.S. To learn about how to win more cash, click for details about our higher payout Silver & Gold Rooms.

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