WinView to Produce Round 1 of the NBA Draft

It’s one of the most anticipated NBA Drafts in recent memory! Even though the season just ended and we’re months away from 2017 Tip Off, WinView has you covered with custom games for the 1st Round of the NBA Draft.

You think you know who’s going to be selected #1 overall, or who will be the first forward taken, or how many times Lavar Ball will make an on-screen appearance? Here’s your chance to play GM as we produce the 2017 NBA Draft for the first time ever!


The 1st Round takes place on Thursday, June 22 at 7pm ET and is televised nationally on ESPN. The star-studded event will be held in Brooklyn, NY at the Barclays Center for the fifth consecutive year.


There’s star potential up and down each team’s board this year, and a handful that could be taken in the top 5. Let’s take a look at this year’s top players to give you a taste of the NBA’s future.

Markelle Fultz, G – As one of the best backcourt prospects in a long time, Fultz has it all…allegedly. He’s a guard with size who’s as much a threat to make plays for others as he is to score. Think a Penny Hardaway/Mike Conley hybrid. With the Celtics owning the rights to the #1 pick through their highway robbery of the Brooklyn Nets (thanks Billy King!), adding Fultz to the #1 seed of the Eastern Conference is almost unfair. However, given the fact that MVP candidate Isaiah Thomas is up for an extension, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Celtics could trade the pick. One thing’s for certain: whichever team secures Fultz will have a core piece to build a contender around.

Josh Jackson, F – One of the most versatile and active players in this years’ draft, Jackson seemingly should be able to fit into any roster and be an effective pro. His defensive proficiency and playmaking abilities separate him from other swingmen in the draft. However, his shooting needs to be improved if he will play the wing and some occasional stretch-4 in the NBA. With nearly every team wanting four players on the court who can shoot at all times, this is Jackson’s biggest weakness. That being said, GM’s look for fiery, competitive two-way players who seem to always make the right decision and that’s the definition of Josh Jackson.

Lonzo Ball, G – Yes, yes, I know all we hear about Lonzo is Big Baller Brand, but there’s plenty more to the freshman point guard than Lavar hanging over his every move. He’s one of the most unique prospects in recent memory, with his Jason Kidd-esque vision in his 6’7 wiry frame. Watching him this year just made me drool at what he will be able to do once he’s surrounded by NBA-level talent. Just the fact that he was able to resurrect a dormant UCLA program as a freshman was pretty impressive. But, he has a ton of baggage (namely his dad) and an unorthodox shot that will limit his offensive game and make him easier to defend. Whether he ends up bringing Showtime back to Lakerland, Philly, or somewhere else, get your popcorn ready when this kid gets in the open court.

De’Aaron Fox, G – The latest in what is now becoming a storied list of Kentucky point guards since John Calipari took over, Fox’s size and athleticism at the point guard position will give him an advantage certainly defensively when his career begins. He’s incredibly quick and can make his way into the paint pretty easily. The knock on Fox – he has a very inconsistent jump shot, and I can’t really think of effective point guards these days who simply can’t shoot. The days of Rondo and Kidd dominating are over — just look at Michael Carter Williams. Even in college, we saw opposing defenses coaxing Fox into shooting rather than playing him aggressively and watching him penetrate, ultimately hurting them by attacking the rim. I’m going out on a limb and saying we will see a lot more of that during his rookie season. However, people close to him say Fox is an incredibly hard worker, and he’ll have to lean on that work ethic if he wants to reach the lofty goals that were set for him.

Jayson Tatum, F – The Duke forward has kind of gone under the radar given the other high-profile talent in this years group of prospects, but Tatum could ultimately turn out to be the best pure scorer of the bunch. At 6’8 and very smooth and skilled, he was too big for most swingmen, and too fast and quick for most forwards to be able to guard. Whether that will totally translate to the NBA remains to be seen, but what is already a pretty effective jump shot should definitely help. His isolation game is probably his biggest strength, and even though the NBA is now a much more motion-centric type of game, being able to get a bucket with the pressure on is never taken for granted.

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