Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors

WinView NBA Games Have Arrived

You asked for more games…you wanted more sports…we’re bringing you NBA predictions!

Starting with next Monday’s NBA Finals rematch of the Cleveland Cavaliers @ Golden State Warriors (8pm EST/5pm PST), we’ll be bringing you the best nationally televised games for the rest of the season!

With predictions ranging from easy layups to long shots even Stephen Curry wouldn’t attempt, we can’t wait to produce the NBA action you’ve been asking for.


In response to overwhelming user feedback, WinView Games decided to sneak some NBA basketball games into our game schedule before Super Bowl LI.

So what does that mean for you? It means in addition to producing every single NFL game for the rest of the season, WinView plans to produce several NBA games every week.


The speed and types of predictions will be geared towards the space and pace of NBA basketball, but rest assured: it’s still the same WinView you know and love.

Whether you want to join a Gold, Silver or Bronze room OR create your own Private Leagues, WinView has the NBA predictions you crave.

Will Durant outscore Lebron in the 1st quarter on Monday? Will Russell Westbrook dish 10 assists by the end of the 1st half? Will the Knicks blow a 4th quarter lead? It’s all up to you to decide!


And just in case you thought we were done…we will also be covering March Madness! It’s time to turn the craziness of the NCAA Basketball Tournament up to 11, because WinView is going all out!

Stay tuned for more updates in the days and weeks ahead.

– WinView Nation

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