WinView NBA Sports Triva

WinView Trivia – A New Way to Earn Tickets!

If you’ve got the answers, we’ve got the Ticket(s)!

You’ve seen the future, predicted the plays with the best of them and distinguished yourself as a prop prophet! And yet, you’re always on the hunt to earn more tickets for the higher payout rooms.

Right now, we’re featuring NBA games … but with one game a day, you need to balance earning tickets with making money! So how can you earn more tickets for higher paying rooms in between live televised games?

NEW: WinView Sports Trivia

We’ve got your answer: Sports Trivia! WinView is giving you – the WinView player – an opportunity to earn more tickets by answering sports trivia within our live game format. If you’re familiar with the classic WinView game, playing should be easy to pick up. Except instead of “Will Tom Brady throw a touchdown on this drive?”, you’ll be asked “Did Tom Brady throw more touchdowns than Derek Carr in 2016?”


For newcomers, here’s the deal: in each trivia contest, you will be asked 15 questions with about 10 seconds to answer each. This way, you can’t Google your way into the Gold room! We will be running two trivia contests back to back so check the game schedule and plan your ticket haul accordingly!

Much like live games, there are 20 players per room. Only this time, the top 6 players get to split 100 tickets:

  • 1st place = 30 tickets
  • 2nd = 20 tickets
  • 3rd & 4th = 15 tickets
  • 5th & 6th = 10 tickets

Best of all? It costs no tickets to enter and puts you one step closer towards gaining entry to the higher paying rooms.

So now, the only questions remain: has Larry Bird been to more NBA Finals than LeBron James? Have the Atlanta Braves won more games than the New York Yankees over the last 5 years? Does John Elway hold the record for most passing touchdowns in a quarter?

If you know sports history as well as you know sports future, it’s time for you to take it to the next level!


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