WinView $10,000 Super Bowl Tournament

WinView Games Announces First-Ever $10,000 Super Bowl Tournament

It’s the Big Game! With a season of NFL predictions almost behind us, only one game remains: the biggest live TV event of the year!

Here’s our Tournament Leaderboard for the Big Game.

For WinView players, that also means the biggest prize pool of the year! We’re thrilled to be holding our first-ever, League vs. League Play $10,000 tournament! Five figures, four quarters, one game!

In celebration of the greatest team sport in the country, the WinView $10,000 Tournament will be conducted through League vs. League play on Sunday, Feb 5, 2017, starting at 6:30 pm ET.

Each quarter has a $2,500 prize pool where the top 3 League scores will be paid out and posted on our Tournament Leaderboard.

  • 1st Place – $1,250
  • 2nd Place – $750
  • 3rd Place – $500


For each quarterly contest, the League winner is determined by the total points of the top 4 finishers in the league for that quarter of play. This way if somebody in your league drops the ball, your whole league won’t be penalized.

To participate in the tournament, you need to create your own league or be part of a league. You can be in up to 4 leagues.



In order to verify the outcomes, final results will be posted on the Leaderboard of our website, and all players will be credited by Tuesday at 4:00 pm ET, February 7, 2017.

Prize pool money is split equally among all League players who played in the contest during the Super Bowl Tournament. This means while leagues with more members have a better chance at getting a higher score, the prize pool will be less per member, so strategize wisely!

Also, to make sure there’s a level playing field for everyone and an equal opportunity to win money, a tournament participant can only win money from being in one League during each quarterly contest. So if you’re in multiple Leagues, which is fine, and 2 of them place in the top 3 scores for example, then we just take your highest winnings from the best performing League.

We at WinView Games wish everybody an exciting and memorable Super Bowl! Because no matter what ingredients are in your Super Bowl chili, the only ingredients you need for a good time is the game on TV and a winning WinView prediction in your hand.

– WinView Nation

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  1. Traci
    Traci says:

    Actually, the event is continuing to grow so much in the
    last 10 years, that currently almost everyone which
    makes it to the ultimate desk victories at least 1000000 bucks.

    • WinView Gamer
      WinView Gamer says:

      Hey Adam, the Tourney is free to enter and compete in. Just play on Sunday with your League, and you’re in. All good! 🙂

    • WinView Gamer
      WinView Gamer says:

      Hey Adam, it’s free to enter and play in the Tournament. Just create a WinView player account and then form your own league. Nothin doin!

  2. JaDarrione
    JaDarrione says:

    I think that NE Patriots are going to kill the Pittsburgh Steelers with tom Brady,Julian Edelman,Danny Amendola,Don’ta Hightower,Devin McCarrty,Malcolm Mitchell,Logan Ryan,Malcolm butler,and Patrick Chung.


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