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How a New Football App Helps Retired Female Sports Fan Bring Whole Family Together On Gameday

Connecting with far-away family and friends is hard for retirees often due to geographical and generational distances. Sports fandom has always united us though, and now with technology it can be easier than ever to have fun with the whole family – no matter how far. Lucy M. (67, Ohio) knows this well.

A retired executive assistant, Lucy has been a lifelong sports fan. For years she has loved keeping in touch with (and trash talking) friends and family through fantasy football. But the results never sat well with her. Whoever had the most daily time for the league inevitably won.

That’s when Lucy found WinView and quickly rose to power user status with plenty of bragging rights (She made sure the boys knew they got beat by a 67 year-old retired gal!). Now Gameday, and if she wants ONLY Gameday, is her sports keep-in- touch day where Lucy can say hello to her son and also let him know there’s no way Cam Newton completes this next pass. With the Super Bowl on the horizon, Lucy is ready with several tournaments lined up.

She has some for family, friends, and one to get all the girlfriends involved too! Lucy is from Ohio, and while technically a Browns fan (Ouch!) she has a great love for the game and the joy it brings her whole gang. WinView allows her more involvement with every game, every team, every play, and every person in her life. The ease of use, the convenience of a phone based app (Who doesn’t have their phone right next to them all the time?) and the intuitive feel, help her involve some of her less tech savvy friends and relatives too. Unlike almost every other fantasy league or sports app, WinView is EASY.

Technology can hamper us or help us and Lucy has figured a great way to do what she loves and communicate with the people she loves through the WinView app and a simple love of the game.

If you’re new to WinView here’s all you need to know: WinView games is available on iOS and Android and since launch in September has grown rapidly. It’s easy, fun, free and best of all, pays winners in CASH! WinView is unlike other Fantasy games and is perfectly legal in all 50 US states.

Playing WinView is also easier than fantasy football. No drafts, no rosters, just simple Gameday predictions. During each quarter of a game (Like this big game coming up, what is it.. Oh yeah the Super Bowl!), the app asks live prediction questions like “Will the Falcons score a touchdown on this drive?”. Players get 5,000 points to start every quarter and you wager these points on these yes or no questions. It’s that easy.

After each quarter, player scores are calculated and the top 3 players earn WinCoins, which are redeemable for cash. The top 6 players get invited to higher stakes games and rooms.

So for the Big Game don’t just sit back, or play boring old squares. Make it interesting! Get your crazy girlfriend Tiffany or globe-hopping cousin Laura involved! 

Who knows? Maybe YOU could be the big winner of this year’s Big Game!

WinView Game is 100% free to play, and legal in every state in the U.S.

Available for download: iTunes App Store or Google Play Store

WinView on App Store   WinView on Google Play

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