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How This Mobile App Keeps the NFL Exciting for a Navy Pilot

How can a Navy helicopter pilot match the rush of flying while watching football at home?

Tyler S., 32, of Norfolk, Virginia, leads a busy life. If being a 14-year Navy veteran serving as a helicopter pilot wasn’t enough, he also has baby number two on the way. As you can imagine, finding time for himself and his hobbies can be a bit tough. So Tyler went searching for a new way to enjoy football. With WinView, he is able to balance family, work and sports more easily than with a traditional fantasy site.

WinView fits perfectly into his busy schedule, as it adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to the games he has been a loyal fan of his entire life. Tyler believes that WinView has made him more involved and engaged in the games he loves than ever before. He uses the app to compete with other military members, friends and family as a way to make the NFL interactive again. Tyler loves the mix of adrenaline he gets from the competitiveness and the satisfaction of a payday, with the prize money just being an added bonus for his victory.

Tyler is a seasoned fantasy sports player, he has tried it all, but Winview stands above the rest for him due to the ability to let him play along with the games live. Being a busy dad, following every player update and status gets daunting. We’ve all been there, with one of our top players being declared inactive just moments before a game. With Winview, you never have to worry about that, as you can just focus on being a football fan, and not a fan of one player at a time.

WinView is perfect for fans like Tyler, who want the ability to watch any game, and have a rooting interest in it, all live! No stress about injuries or line-ups locking, just sit down on the couch and enjoy the game. Friends and family along with Winview will help to add an extra layer of competitiveness to every quarter of the NFL season. Winview is the definition of on demand fantasy, where the competition is there when you want it.

If you live outside of their favorite team’s broadcast area as well. You can make the games you have no rooting interest in exciting again! While the two teams on the T.V. are competing for the higher draft position, you can be rising up the leaderboards on your way to a payday! If you are like Tyler, and are looking for a new way to enjoy the sports you love, look no further!

WinView Game is 100% free to play, and legal in every state in the U.S.

Available for download: iTunes App Store or Google Play Store

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