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New England and Atlanta Fans Gear Up For $10,000 WinView Games Battle

With the Big Game looming, football fans across the nation are gearing up for WinView’s first-ever $10,000 Tournament. Winview brings excitement to every game, whether you are an ardent supporter of one of the teams playing or not.

Looks like the Big Game just got even bigger!

When New England and Atlanta meet for the first time in the Big Game, they bring together Atlanta’s number one scoring offense and New England’s number one scoring defense, the 6th such meeting in history (defense leads 4-1). However, while those teams clash, the preeminent football prophets of WinView Nation are battling over a $10,000 prize.

Big-time New England fan Luke W., from Manchester, NJ, is a WinView Power User who’s been playing since the start of the NFL season, consistently cashing out big every weekend. Luke was instantly drawn to the interactive aspect of WinView, as opposed to the sit-and-watch style of traditional fantasy football. Being a massive fan of Foxboro football, he’s only inviting his top scoring friends to his league so they can battle for the $10,000 prize. With the four leagues he’s created with friends, everybody knows who’s the prediction boss. Everybody, that is…except Patrick.

Patrick O., 48, hailing from ‘Hotlanta, moved to the city just in time for the ‘Birds to reach their first Championship Game in franchise history. Since he started playing WinView at the beginning of the 2016 football season, Patrick has had one of the most impressive success rates among the over 100,000 players. While he’s been turned off from fantasy due to an entire season ruined by injuries, he’s relieved that with WinView, he gets to stay in the action regardless of who’s on the field.

This year, Patrick’s bringing his group of football friends together for the $10,000 Big Game Challenge, hedging his home team’s championship hopes with a chance at winning some money in every aspect of the game.

With the fantasy season long over, and regardless of your rooting interest this weekend, WinView will give you the ability to have a stake in every play. Will it be New England or Atlanta to win the Big Game? Will it be Luke’s or Patrick’s league to win the $10,000 Tournament? Or will it be yours?

WinView Game is 100% free to play, and legal in every state in the U.S.

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