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How One App Turns Football Fans Into Players

TV? Check. Nachos? Check. Smartphone? Check mate.

Sports used to be something you could only experience in front of you. These days? It’s all around you. There’s now an immersive entertainment ecosystem that surrounds the Big Game. From stats and highlights on mobile sports feeds to football predictions on apps like WinView Games, today you can consume it all from the palm of your hand.

Seeds of Fantasy Sports

The seeds began with fantasy sports. Like most groundbreaking ideas, fantasy started in a garage with a few guys joining a league, meeting up for draft day and copying stats from boxscore pages in the newspaper every day.

Now? Fantasy is a multi billion dollar industry inextricably linked to our mobile devices. Every statline is updated in real time with the instant gratification of each point helping your team. Today there are always two games being played, the one on TV and the one in your hand.

Evolution to Play by Play

This season, it became even more immersive and engaging. Free play-by-play sports prediction app WinView Games empowered players to actively play along with the game’s action rather than drafting a team and passively watching stats update. Instead of simply watching athletes compete in high pressure situations, they can predict if New England will score on the next drive, all along with live TV from the comfort of their couch.

WinView Games Live Sports Predictions App

Just ask Atlanta fan Patrick, 48, who will no doubt predict otherwise! Frustrated with fantasy football’s injuries derailing his score on Sundays, he picked up WinView and never looked back. Rather than sit back and watch his team’s fortunes crumble with the ACL of his top RB, he’s been able to leverage his Twitter feed to capture the latest momentum swings live, turning them into successful in-game predictions that win cash. With WinView, Patrick stays in the action regardless of who is on the field and has the track record of success to back it up.

Social Play Calling

The ease of mobile communication has also exploded the volume of conversation surrounding games. It’s become a nonstop conversation with millions of fellow fans on Twitter, Facebook and other online chat rooms. Controversial calls on the field are picked apart simultaneously all over the world. Play calling and game planning can be second guessed moments after the coach makes a decision. When you factor in off-field events like multi-million dollar commercials, branding and pop culture, they now dominate the Big Game conversation just as much as touchdowns and interceptions.

Our mobile devices have not only transformed how we watch football, they’ve expanded our experiences around the game as well. Whether you want to play along with the action on an app like WinView, draft a daily fantasy team or stay up to date with the conversation among fellow fans and celebrities, the Big Game isn’t only about football anymore. It’s become whatever you want it to be.

WinView Game is 100% free to play, and legal in every state in the U.S.

Available for download: iTunes App Store or Google Play Store

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